CA Final Direct Taxes Revision (Old/New Syllabus)

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Faculty: CA Ajay Agrawal
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Study Material
a) Practical Booklet (Hard Copy)
b) Theory Booklet both the Volumes (E-Book)
1Important and Basic Concepts2.28228
2Compulsory Filing of Return3.14314
3Filing of Belated Return, Revise Return,2.36236
Interest on late filing , Demand notice u/s 156 ,
Notice u/s142 , Direction of Audit u/s 142(2A) ,
Reference made to valuer
4Processing of Return u/s 143(1)3.13313
Regular Assessment u/s 143(3), Best Judgment u/s144 &
Solving practical examples.
5Maintaining Books of Accounts u/s 145 &3.0737
Income Escaping Assessment
6Continuation of section 147 &
Time Limit of completing various Assessment u/s1532.52252
7Explanation to Section 153 , Rectification u/s154330
Practical Example Solving
8Section 131 & Section 133 Power to discover the information2.31231
Section 133A Survey
9Search & Seizure Section 1322.44244
10Search & Seizure & Undisclose Income U/s 68 , 69 etc.2.51251
11Section 269SS , Section 269ST, & Section 269T   &
12Penalty for Under-reporting / Mis-reporting of Income2.58258
13Power to Grant Immunity u/s 273A by CIT ,2.42242
Various Other Penalties & Practical Examples
14Appeal to CIT (A)2.41241
15Revision of Order byu CIT u/s 263 & section 2642.29229
Appeal to ITAT
16Capital Gains - Basic , Definition of Capital Assets , Transfer &2.0424
Transaction not regarded as transfer .
17Transaction not regarded as transfer u/s 47 &
Definition of Short term capital assets u/s 2(42A)2.23223
18Explanation to STCA , Deemed Cost of Acquisiton ,2.42242
Cost of Improvement , Treated on Forfeiture of Amount
19Deemed Full Value Consideration section 45(1A) To 45(5)2.53253
DFVC in case of Immovable Propertry and Unlisted shares
20Joint Development Agreement (section 45(5A) ,2.37237
Exemption u/s 10(38), 10(37A) , Proviso to Section 48 ,
Slump Sale u/s 50B & Exemption on Investment u/s 54
21Exemption on Investment u/s 54B, 54D,2.35235
54EC, 54F , 54G, 54GA &   54GB
22Income From Other Sources3.26326
Provisions of Dividend u/s 115-O , 115BBDA, 2(22)
Bonus & Dividend Stripping u/s 94(7) & 94 (8)
23Taxablity of Gift and Concessional Purchase u/s 56(2)(x)2.45245
Clubbing of Income Section 61 To Section 65
24Important Lecture on all amendments in PGBP2.55255
Section 32AD,35 , 35AD , 40A(3) , 44AD & 269ST
25PGBP- Basic Concepts1.16116
26Depreciation , Explanation to Section 43(1)3.2320
Practical Examples
27Additional Depreciation , Section 32 AD , Section 352.47247
Section 35AD
28Deduction u/s 35D , 35DD , 35DDA , 36 & Section 373.0535
Disallowance u/s 40(a)
29Disallowance under Section 40A(2)/(3)/(3A)/(4))/(7)2.49249
Deemed Income u/s 41 , Deemed Sale Consideration 43CA
Taxation of Foreign Branch section 44CA
30Presumptive Income u/s 44AD, 44ADA & 44AE4.28428
Section 269ST & Minimum Alternative Tax (MAT)
31MAT , AMT , Practical Examples on MAT & Business Trust3.34334
32Business Trust & Practical Examples on Business Trust2.0828
33Settlement Commission2.42242
34ADetail Annalysis of Amendment made by Finance Act 2017 -13.21321
34BDetail Annalysis of Amendment made by Finance Act 2017 -21.28128
35Charitable Trust3.12312
36Charitable Trust & Tax on Accreted Income2.12212
37Tax Deducted at Source & TCS2.48248
38Foreign Taxation - Residential Status ,2.29229
Scope of Taxability , Deemed Income , Expl to Section 9 ,
Section 115A , 44DA , 115AB , 115AC 115AD &
Practical Examples
39Foreign Taxation2.53253
Presumptive Taxation u/s 44B/44BB/44BBA/44BBB/172
Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement - Relief u/s 90& 91
40Practical Examples on DTAA2.0424
Equlisation Levy
41Transfer Pricing2.51251
42Safe Harbour Rules , Anti Avoidance Rules , Advance Ruling2.18218